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Heat recovery system for mixer showers

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Elevate your bathing experience and energy efficiency with a heat recovery system for mixer showers. This upgrade focuses on capturing and utilising the heat from your shower's wastewater to preheat the incoming cold water, resulting in reduced energy consumption and enhanced comfort during your showers.

When should you consider upgrading to a heat recovery system for mixer showers?

  • If you're looking to reduce your hot water energy consumption.
  • If you want to enhance the efficiency of your home's hot water system.
  • If you're interested in sustainable solutions that minimise heat wastage.

Benefits of a heat recovery system for mixer showers upgrade:

  • Energy Savings: By using the heat from wastewater to preheat incoming cold water, you'll save energy and reduce your hot water consumption.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Enjoy a consistent water temperature during your showers, even when using less hot water.
  • Environmental Impact: This upgrade aligns with sustainable practices by reducing energy use and lowering carbon emissions.
  • Cost Efficiency: With reduced energy consumption, you'll likely see a decrease in your hot water heating bills.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How does a heat recovery system for mixer showers work? This system captures the heat from wastewater as it flows down the drain and uses it to preheat the cold water supply to your shower.
  • Will I notice a significant difference in water temperature during my showers? Yes, you'll experience a more consistent water temperature, even when using less hot water.
  • Can the system be installed in existing bathrooms? Yes, heat recovery systems can often be retrofitted into existing bathrooms with minimal disruption.

Curious about the benefits of upgrading to a heat recovery system for mixer showers and other energy upgrades? Get started by scheduling a FREE home energy audit (usually £249). This audit will provide personalised recommendations for optimising your home's energy efficiency.

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