Insulation - an essential for energy efficiency

Insulating your home properly is a straightforward, efficient method to enhance your home's comfort while decreasing energy consumption, making it a valuable investment.
Insulated UK home
Why insulate

Top reasons to insulate your home

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Cost savings

By reducing the need for heating and cooling, good insulation can save up to 50% on your energy bill
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Increase home value

Energy efficiency is increasingly becoming an important factor to many people looking for a home in the UK
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Enhance comfort

High-quality insulation keeps your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, promoting year-round comfort.
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Reduce noise pollution

High-quality insulation can dampen sound, helping to keep your home quiet by reducing the amount of noise that enters from outside.
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Reduce carbon footprint

Insulation helps decrease energy consumption, which in turn reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
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Government incentives

The Government offers Green Home Grants and other incentives for homeowners who wants to insulate

Insulation types vary in material, price, and installation process

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Why us

Why use Sparkway?

Get unbiased recommendations for your home's energy efficiency. Unlike other providers, we analyse your home's data to identify the best improvements. With us, you'll receive expert guidance and access to a wide range of benefits, including hassle-free installation, reliable support, and personalised advice.

1- Data-driven, unbiased advice

We use data to give you fair and honest advice about the best energy upgrades for your home specifically.

2 - Hassle-free installation

We ensure a seamless installation process. Sit back and relax as our vetted network of reliable installers takes care of the installation.

3 - Effortless maintenance

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your heat pump operates smoothly and efficiently, providing you with peace of mind.

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