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Showing an example of the Sparkway dashboard with energy upgrade recommendations
An example of the Sparkway dashboard showing the energy cost per month
An example of the Sparkway dashboard showing EPC rating and potential rating
An example of the Sparkway dashboard showing property details
An example of the Sparkway dashboard showing property details
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Find the most impactful energy-saving measures

Every home is unique, and so are its energy efficiency needs. We help you discover the energy improvements that give you the most value for your money.

Sparkways energy model and a home with implemented energy efficiency measures
Party wall insulation
Hot water cylinder jacket
Room in roof insulation
Replacement glazing units
Hot water cylinder thermostat
New condensing boiler
Install heat pump
New front door
Heating controls
Low energy lighting
Double glazed windows
Condensing boiler
Cavity wall insulation
Roof insulation
Sparkways energy model and a home with implemented energy efficiency measures

Get matched with trusted local pros

Finding the right professionals for energy efficiency improvements can be challenging and time-consuming, with no guarantee of success. We take the guesswork out of the process by connecting you with vetted pros in your area.

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Unlock financing and leasing options

Investing in your property's energy efficiency shouldn't be a financial burden. Explore various financing options, grants, and incentives to make energy efficiency upgrades more affordable.

Sparkway financing option showing on a smartphone screenChart showing the breakdown of paymentsBox showing the cost per month

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Ongoing support and monitoring

After implementing your energy-saving measures, we offer detailed reports, quality checks, and maintenance. Plus, our monitoring tools provide continuous insights into your home's energy performance, assuring your investment's effectiveness.

Man installing solar PV system, solar panels

Lower energy costs and CO2 emissions, increase comfort and home value

We'll help you find eco-friendly solutions that make a real difference in your living space, creating a greener and more cost-effective home for you to enjoy.

PlantsModern windowPink insulation
HVAC in living roomSolar panelsMan installing solar PV system
Charging electric vehicleSmiling woman taking a bathMan fixing heat pump
Modern houseFather playing guitar with kidCharging electric vehicle
InsulationSmart thermostatWindows

Find the right improvements for your property

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Why Sparkway?


Difficult to know what upgrades to do
Find all the government grants that will subsidise your project
Pay for upgrades yourself
Manual search for local professionals - take their word on pricing
Potential for missed opportunities or oversights
Labor-intensive and potentially expensive
Get tailored tips for the most impactful energy-saving measures
Quick, automated online grant qualification and application
Comprehensive financing options and grants
Automated matching with trusted local pros - get multiple quotes
Up-to-date information on EPC regulations and requirements
Fast and cost-effective

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Start med ferdig design, smooth prosess
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Buildings account for 40% of global energy use and 33% of greenhouse gas emissions.

That's where Sparkway steps in. We’re a London based startup with a mission to make home upgrades simple, to increase energy efficiency, comfort and cutting carbon emissions. By 2025, rentals must have an EPC rating of C or more. We make that easy for landlords.

UK homes with solar panels


What is Sparkway?

How does Sparkway provide personalized energy upgrade recommendations?

What types of financing options are available for energy efficiency upgrades?

How does Sparkway connect me with local professionals for energy upgrades?

What are the benefits of upgrading my property's energy efficiency?

Are there any government grants or incentives for energy efficiency improvements?

How does Sparkway ensure the quality of local professionals in its network?

How long does it take to receive personalized recommendations for my property?

Is my personal and property information secure with Sparkway?

Will my property increase in value after making energy upgrades?

What types of energy upgrades can be made to a UK home?

How long will it take to see a return on investment from energy-efficient upgrades?

How do energy-efficient upgrades contribute to environmental sustainability?

As a renter, what energy-efficient improvements can I make without altering the property?

Ready to transform your home's energy efficiency?